The Sphere of Amsterdam

For the Amsterdam Light Festival, eight students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) are making a large illuminated sphere that uses colours to reflect the mood of the city. From Thursday, 27 November, the sphere can be found beside the Torontobrug, the bridge across the River Amstel leading to Stadhouderskade.

Students of the Schools of Technology and Digital Media and Creative Industry are working on the light installation in collaboration with researchers from the Citizen Data Lab and with Rogier van der Heide, artistic director of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Known as the Amsterdam Sphere, the installation is illuminated in different colours, according to the mood of the city. This way anyone driving onto the bridge can see how the city is feeling that day.

Students of the Architecture, Product Design and Commercial Economics programmes have made the steel framework measuring three by three metres, on which thousands of LED lights have been installed. Three Computer Technology students developed the interactive component of this work of art.

Measuring Amsterdam #1

On June 12th, Wouter Meys and Maarten Groen of the research group Digital Life at CREATE-IT organized the Measuring Amsterdam experiment. After I introduced the Knowledge Mile project, keynote speakers Jochen Riester (HvA), Ger Baron (City of Amsterdam) and Marcel Worring (UvA) talked about Crowdsourcing, Amsterdam as a Smart City and data visualization. Maarten and Wouter then lead an experiment in which the audience was equipped with a custom-made smartphone app with which anyone can perform measurements, log observations and thus create open data on (the use of) the Wibautstraat (as part of the Knowledge mile) during the event. The participants’ data, which consisted of 1050 measurements were then visualized on-site by a team of designers from Milan: Michele Mauri (Density Design) , Matteo Azzi (Density Design) and Gabriele Colombo (Medialab Amsterdam).
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